This current body of work began in 2016, amidst what I viewed as a societal shift in America.  Feeling disappointed and confused by the beliefs of so many in my own country, I began painting for pleasure, as a meditation or a respite from the ugly words and actions I was reading in the news everyday.  I was searching for beauty and order in the world around me.  In my work I wanted to make images of chaos and confusion and then withdraw from those visuals some semblance of beauty and hopefully a quiet sense of harmony and stability.  I suppose just to prove to myself that the task is not insurmountable.  

My paintings are detailed, densely layered abstract works. Highly worked canvases create a narrative using repeated forms, lines and colors.  I work from multiple perspectives and vanishing points, creating a tornado of visual incident - reminiscent of layers of graffiti . They are distinctly modern images with modern narratives, executed in the traditional materials of pencil and paint. The notion of craft is always present in my work.

Though my paintings contain a lot of visual information, I try to be mindful to retain some semblance of calm and quiet. However, I don’t treat the canvas as a precious object.  I make mistakes.  I welcome them and embrace them.  I purposely make the canvas ugly to try and make it beautiful again.  It is a never ending battle to bring each painting back to this aesthetically comfortable place.  Sometimes it never makes it back, but often the “ugly” pieces grow on me.  Sometimes a painting I hated a month ago becomes palatable and beautiful because of the discord and disharmony, not despite it.  I think this speaks to not only societal issues we are currently facing, but also personal narratives we deal with inwardly. The acceptance of mistakes, baggage and physical and mental imperfections, is a theme often addressed throughout my work.  

While this body of work is very simple and perhaps sparse conceptually, I hope above all else that these paintings convey a sense of optimism.  Solutions and beauty can come from disharmony.